Sunday, 28 June 2009

Caribbean anyone?

how fun do these waves look...

Spectacular Adventures! Trailer from Spectad on Vimeo.


I hate myself, but he flew out with out looking

Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Battle Has Started...

Dunno if you watched 'the battle at the berrics' the first time round but basically....
Pro skaters Eric Koston and Steve Berra own a skatepark in downtown L.A. called The Berrics. Last year they held a large game of S.K.A.T.E. (contest between two skaters were they basically have to out trick each other, if they fail they're opponents trick they get a letter, first one to get s.k.a.t.e. loses). So anyways due to being a large success they're holding another one with the skaters entering having been voted in. The first battle of round 1 has just happenned....

Thankfully the best man one... though after some serious rule bending and a trip back to the 80's it was a lot closer than it should have been...

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Wednesday Night Sk8

A nice sunny and chav free eve up at C.P. with Tommy, Del, Lucien, Glen, Sam and the Dans lapping it up...

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Not a SUP

New summer quiver addition, measuring in at 14 x 25 x 6, bit of a dust off and a touch of vanish, she'll be good to go...

Saturday, 20 June 2009

No dogs on the beach

The rain cleared in time for the dog to stretch its legs and the few keen loces to get wet... Rusty, jim newitt, rich pryer, rich symcock, bourney an' bryn


South Devon/Bryon/Santa Cruz based surfer Jim Newitt has recently released (and sold-out of) the first issue of his new creative outlet Point Never an independently published zine. To pre-order the next publication or check out his stuff click here to go to his site.

Not Quite

After insane waves the weekend before, the next weeks charts looked promising, but after getting up a 2.30am it was a little disapointing... though i think Bjorn still enjoyed it!

UK impersonating WA

This went down a few weeks back, i reckon some of the best barrels i've seen in england were ridden. With some spot on swell/weather forecasting from macca, i spent a long weekend either hiking up and down a hideously steep cliff or treading water trying to capture the on form pack of boogers; Wall, Storey, Macca, Smythe, Hatfield, Dogger, Insley, Turcan, etc throwing themselves into some shallow slabs... I have'nt posted any water shots as they've gone to a mag first and i don't want to jinx myself.
When they don't get published and i'm bummed i'll put them on here...