Thursday, 23 August 2012

18th August, a 'Borough day

 Matt Burner

 ''Damn these crowds, why did i put a webcam in my kitchen window again?'

 Kate Feloy

 Praying... to avoid a heart attack

 Nyoman, our adopted Balinese homie. Always smiling even after swapping 
his local break of perfect peeling Sanur to wobbley less than
perfect Challaborough

 Al the warden gets burnt, this happened more than once by the same guy in the same session

Capatin Stogdale signs out

Lighting Up Central's Quarter

 Lucas Bramall

 Tom Hudd

 Tommy & S.A.

 Mark S.A. Cater

 Tommy Bowers



Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wavelength - Bantham

 Jonty Tucker wrote a great article in Wavelength about Bantham and i was lucky enough to have some shots run along with it (and no the cover is sadly not Bantham, nor my photo)

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Main photo, an empty freezing morning in the Bantham estuary

Alain Hatfield watching Mark Capps pulling at the River

Rick Kenyon, round the corner from Bantham at his beloved Challaborough left