Thursday, 23 April 2009

Take your trash home...

I've been wandering round my local beach looking like a prat, picking up pebbles for a while now (making something in the garden). Theres always a bit of trash laying about, specially when there's been swell, you can deal it, its one of those things seeing seeing old plastic bottles, bits of fishing net, old plastics bags washed above the tide line. I pick some up and chuck it in the car park bin, no biggy... whats pissed me off lately is now the local caravan park has openned, the amount of trash on the beach is a joke. Not some old flotsam and jetsam but crap thats has yet to touch the sea its just been left were the scumbags have been sitting, you can see the fat ass prints in the sand and next to them empty lager cans, plastic bags, crisp/chocolate rappers and anything else they cant be bothered to carry the 50 yards to the bin with... Anyways thats my rant over, heres a cool little clip that gets the point across way better than my bitching

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