Saturday, 29 May 2010

tide and time

If it wasn't for tides, things would be a lot different, and it would definitely be for the worse, but they sure can test your patience when they move up to 6metres in six hours. Specially when you want your inconsistent little slab of rock to be exactly 3 feet under the water. Much lower, it makes torture devices in Saw IV look tame and much higher you might as well be riding a boat.

A few hours before these photos were taken on various days, i find myself frostily rushing through work, driving like a man possessed - getting cranky with anyone driving anywhere near a sensible speed, parking where getting a ticket is highly likely, running out of breath up a mile of steep coast path and sliding dangerously down the other side.... all so i can find myself two hours to early staring a dry slab of rock with friends that have just done the same. Yet no matter how much i consult the tide table I'm sure it will go exactly the same next time

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