Tuesday, 20 September 2011


I caught up with the Civic crew on the third day of they're road trip, filming for CivicDaze. Boards and hands were broken, heals were bruised,  but spirits high. They'd zig zagged they're way from Plymouth to Exeter-Cardiff-London-Cardiff-Bristol, trying to avoid rain and find dry skatespots...

They could be found in a pub on Sunday lunchtime waiting for the sun to do its best to dry the Bristol Streets, not before it pissed it down yet again. Battling on with the help of Dan Paton our guide by early evening we'd found a quirky spot to skate at St. Pauls. It was still wet...

 Marc S.A. Carter crook big spin out, at a pretty damp St.Pauls

 walking back to the pubs after we were shone a pretty nice rail which is normally an instant bust, perhaps the security thought we deserved a break and left us alone... above Kristian Harris 5-0, below Glen Brooks crooks

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