Sunday, 6 February 2011

Archive. Sainte Foy 2007

Found a disc of the first load of shots i took with an SLR, its seen better days and is so scratched i could only get some of the shots off. They're from my first season working out in France, 2007 i thinkI didn't have the internet/iphone to look at the webcams and weather forecast when i woke up, but this local stray would come in, in the mornings let you know there was fresh snow

Funniest day of the season 'One Piece day'. 80's one-piece ski suits, snow blades (the gayest things since roller blades) and a demi Mutzig after each run. Golden!

Mike Pedder, a very cool guy from N.Z. He was living out in the resort when i turned up. That season he wanted to focus more on skiing than snowboarding. I was new to the mountains and was more amped to snowboard than ever, so pestered him to ride with me everyday which he did a lot, he rips and pretty much taught me to snowboard.
Mike, humble as can be, always ripping and always having fun

This was a beautiful bridge on the way to Geneva airport, i rushed passed it and back a coupla times a week. Glad one day i bothered stopping to take a picture

a view from the bar i worked at ( over looking the tiny village where i lived, the road shoots everyone straight past and up to the mega resorts of Val d'isere and Tignes, blink and you'd miss it, thankfully most people do

This ramp is in a snowboard shop in Bourg Saint Maurice, the owner Romain is standing in the background. He happily opens it to locals some evenings and seemed unfazed when boards flew off into the racks of garments

St.Foy is off the radar to most people with only four lifts but some of the best off piste in the Alps you'll never queue for lifts or find it tracked out, the polar opposite to its big brothers 20 minutes up the road

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